Tip Sheets

The tips sheets below can be implemented in weekly safety meetings, safety committee meetings or other appropriate venues.

They can be downloaded by selecting the desired link and can be opened with any PDF compatible reader.

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Patient Moving and Handling (Health Care)
Microscope Work (Health Care)
Pipetting (Health Care)
Lab Hoods and Bio Safety Cabinet (Health Care)
Lab Bench Work (Health Care)
Local Delivery (Transportation)
Heavy Haul Seat Suspension (Transportation)
Heavy Haul Controls Placement Cab (Transportation)
Site Development, Soil Preparation and Compaction, Chipping
Heavy Haul Cab Entry Exit (Transportation)
Heavy Haul Computer Use Cab (Transportation)
Site Development, Soil Preparation and Compaction, Heavy Equipment (operators)
Sheetrock, Sanding
Sheetrock, Loading panels onto carts
Sheetrock, Lifting Wallboard
Misc Tasks, Moving Equipment
Painting, Hand Painting
Masonry, Hod carriers block, Stocking Block
Masonry, Hod carriers block, Mixing Mortar
Masonry, Restoration Work, Water Proofing Concrete
Masonry, hod carriers block, Erecting Scaffolding
Masonry, hod carriers Block, Stocking Mortar
Masonry, Restoration Work, Grouting to Resurface Brick
Masonry, Restoration Work, Pressure Washing, and Cleaning
Masonry, hod carriers block, Continuous scaffolding
Masonry, Construction - Brick Laying
Masonry, Lifting/Handling Scaffolding Frames
Heavy Highway, Site Prep, Setting Barrels
Heavy Highway, Roadway Painting, Hand Striping Painting
Heavy Highway, Asphalt Paving, Overlay Work
Heavy Highway, Asphalt Paving, Extruded curbing, manual
Heavy Highway, Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Parking Lot
Electrical, Conduit
Demolition, Power Tool Demolitian
Concrete Work, Formwork, Layout on Slab Survey
Concrete Work, Finishing, Manual Screeding
Concrete Work, Finishing Hand Troweling
Concrete Work, Concrete Placement, Vibrating
Concrete Work, Concrete Placement, General Placement (Nozzle Work)
Concrete Work, Concrete Placement, Muck Raking
Concrete Work, Concrete Placement, Shotcrete Air Placed Concrete

Concrete Work Pre-Cast Tilt Up
Carpenters/Laborers, Housekeeping, Sweeping
Carpenters/Laborers, Form-work, Wallboard, Screwing Off Panels, Installing Lids and Soffits
Carpenters/Laborers, Form-work, Strip Footings
Carpenters/Laborers, Form-work, Installing Stringers and Runners
Carpenters/Laborers, Form-work, Remove Tilt-up Walls
Carpenters/Laborers, Form-work, Setting Scaffold
Carpenters/Laborers, Form-work, Form Footings
Carpenters/Laborers, Form-work, Erect Tilt-Up Walls
Carpenters/Laborers, Form-work, Dismantling/Removing Steel Shoring
Carpenters/Laborers, Form-work, Dismantling/Removing Steel Shoring (2)
Carpenters/Laborers, Form-work, Strip Gang Walls
Carpenters/Laborers, Finish Carpentry, Trim Work
Carpenters/Laborers, Form Tilt-Up Walls
Carpenters/Laborers, Finish Carpentry, Install Cabinetry
Carpenters/Laborers, Cleanup, Debris Removal and Load-out
Carpenter/Laborer, Form-work, Building Gang Forms Onsite