Stretch and Flex

Stretch & Flex: A Multimedia Intervention to Reduce Work-Related Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Construction Industry

The project was created to provide a user friendly complete stretching program targeted
for the construction industry. The project consists of four training modules. They are a
management module to provide the data to show the back ground information on strain
and sprain injuries and the benefits of instituting a job site stretching program, a supervisor
module that explains the benefits of stretching at work and how to overcome obstacles,
and employee module that explains the importance of a stretching program to increase the
quality of life at home and at work and a stretching module designed to show how to
properly complete the stretches in the workplace.
Major findings showed that there was significant enthusiasm from those participating in the
program. Employees felt that this program will benefit them and that it sets the bar for a
higher standard while at work.

The program element links can be found below:

Stretch & Flex Training Presentation

Quick Reference Card

Stretch & Flex Poster

Introduction Video

Intro from Integrity Video on Vimeo.

Management Video

Management from Integrity Video on Vimeo.

Supervisor Video

Supervisor from Integrity Video on Vimeo.

Employee Video

Employee from Integrity Video on Vimeo.

Stretches Guide Video

AllStretches from Integrity Video on Vimeo.